Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Gama-Go Invades WonderCon

was a lot of fun this year. Seemed like a lot more people attended then in previous years. Did anyone actually get to see the movie "300"? If so, let us know if it's any good. Chris the co-founder of Gama-Go lost his exhibitor badge, and had to dumpster dive for a new one. Glad the tight security didn't notice he was looking a little old to be wearing a child badge.
The Stormtroopers were out in full force. Although we once again missed getting a picture of the elusive Elvis Stormtrooper. Here's Stephanie and Johnny representing the Gama-Go booth. Which was way way back in the bowels of the convention center. Worst booth location we've ever had. Where's the Gama-Go love, Wondercon? Even in our dark corner, a ton of people showed up. Thanks to everyone who came by.

Gama-Johnny scored a pic with Brian Posehn rocking a Death Angel tee.

Shannon from Missing Link Toys, brought Tom Waits and his family by our booth. Tom Waits? Are you kidding me? We were totally star struck.

The Star Wars milk maid look is totally making a comeback, just you wait.

After 3 crazy days of toys, tees, and comic book shopping Shannon headed back to the Gama-Go warehouse to get some one on one time with the Deathbot.

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Anonymous said...

haha awesome, i wondered what ever happened to the big death-bot...glad to see he is well loved on!
Heidi (