Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yeti Qees Back and Glowing

Our Yeti Qee keychain/figurine will soon be back in stock, and this time with it a sweet translucent glow-in-the-dark version. Glow Yeti, glow!


JayJayFool said...

Hmmm looking at this has got me thinking.

Does all of the yeti's look the same way or do you have some of them looking to the left and some looking straight ahead? I aks this because my yeti qee is looking to the left and the yeti qee in the photo is looking straight ahead.

Can't wait to get the GID yeti!! Maybe even two!!

Gama-Go said...

The first edition of the Yeti Qee Key Chain that is now sold out has the eyes looking to the side. As does the Glow Qee Key Chain. Version two of the original Yeti Qee Key Chain has the eyes looking straight forward.

JayJayFool said...

Thanks alot!! Can't wait to go pick up the GID and the straight ahead looking yetis!!