Thursday, May 7, 2009

Culturcosm Stops By!

Many claim he’s the stuff of legend. Others swear by his existence, citing eye-witness accounts and footprints as fair proof. The apelike man-beast said to roam the snowy Himalayas is notoriously publicity-shy. But our fascination with the snowman is anything but abominable. And if last Saturday’s line up on a quiet street in SOMA was any indication, I’d say we’ve found our new star of Yeti proportions.

No stranger to rabid fanfare, Gama-Go swung open the doors to San Francisco’s newest retail attraction and proudly put their mythic mascot on display. Their playful product assortment of tees, polos, hoodies and accessories all pay deserved deference to the Yeti and a motley crew of animated costars.

Gama-Go’s illustrative other-world is inhabited by cig-toking birds, ninja cats, giant squids and anthropomorphic cassette tapes. Even Culturcosm’s own Sara couldn’t resist Gama-Go’s charms and made off with a choice tee and toxic critter rainbow wallet. I’d be remiss not to also mention their messenger bag collection, with a stand-out design that’s sure to win over your next TSA agent.

Summer or winter, theirs is a wonderland that just begs for thrill seekers. And, by the looks of it, San Francisco’s full of them.