Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sf Store Visual Merchandiser Gig

San Francisco Retail Store Visual Merchandiser

We're looking for a freelance visual merchandiser to create window displays for our retail store in San Francisco. The ideal candidate will be able to creatively and originally showcase our product within the constrains of our location. A sense of humor and an understanding of our brand, our products, and our customers is required. You must be able to sketch and present your idea clearly. You must also be able to source materials and handle any construction or custom elements used in the design.

Working within a budget is absolutely essential.

Please submit examples of your work and a list of your clients and prior projects to:

Good luck!


rye-uhn-air-ick said...

Hey guys! I know this is a tad bit off topic, but just realized that when we stopped by earlier today with our goodie bag for ya'll we forgot to include a note. Basically, we just wanted to say thanks for being so cool and generous! You guys always hook it up and it was our turn to return the favor. Hope you guys enjoy the beer and wine. See you at Con.

-Ryan and Carmel