Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Battle Royale XIX Design Winner!

Wow! Thanks for all of your submissions for the contest. Really fun work, it was a hard decision for us.

Standouts included the 3-Dimensional yeti teeth on Lloyd0082002's, the re-emergence of the GAMA-Turtle, X_Takker_X enthusiastic multiple entries, the battle of the bands, the perennial favorite Douglasspics, Gnarfdeath's awesome bar brawl, the sublime Yeti Ghost of Mount Yamamoto, and Jaebot!!!'s crowd-pleasing video game super-fight.

But there has to be a winner, and this time it's going to Dain. Dain's ninja kitty vs yeti hand painted piece is getting the nod for going above and beyond. Congrats, Dain! Enjoy your $200 gift card.

Great work everyone & start prepping your pumpkins for our next Photo Royale Challenge coming in October!



Erik said...

Happy to get an honorable mention. Looking forward to October. Go Gama-Go!