Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Hoodies Available

Our Spring hoodies have arrived. We've worked hard to upgrade the fit and styling of these new beauties. There are two styles: Limited Edition and Lightweight. The Limited Edition hoodies are mid-weight (280 gsm) with interior zipper pockets, lined hoods and are each individually numbered.

The Lightweight hoodies live up to their names with a 245 gsm light terry fabric.

The Fellas get four designs. The two Limited Edition hoodies are the Dirty Bird Rock and the Yeti Rampage. The two Lightweight hoodies are the Deathbot Driveby and the Giant Squid.

For the Gals the two Limited Edition hoodies are the Dandelion Owls and Pomegranate Palisade. The Lightweight designs are the Cassette Cascade and the Guitar Hero Lite.