Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Store Bloggin'

So it begins! We've just signed a lease for a space at 335 Folsom Street in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. After working for 5 years in SOMA, it was just too difficult for us to say goodbye to all the hobos and drifters we've become pals with. Shantytown Mike and Toeless Wanda, you can't get rid of us that easily - we're staying!

We'll be moving our entire office and warehouse into the new space at the end of February.

AND we'll be building out a full retail store at the front of the space. Economy-schmonomy. We're stoked.

The front's under construction as we put in a big panel of windows. We've wrapped up the bidding process for the interior work. Electrical work is first up & should commence within 10 days.

Our goal is for a soft-opening of the store mid-March. YIKES!!!!!!

We've already started using the space for some of our new model shots for the web. Check out Julia rockin' one of our new tees shot in the new space!

Here's a bunch of other photos of the space, we'll post more as things roll forward. If you look sharp you might see a pal of ours from Boing Boing.

If you're in the hood, keep a close eye on the California Carpets parking lot mid-february. Bit of a surprise happening there...

In totally unrelated news - a new bar has opened up around the corner from GAMA-GO. It's called the Bloodhound and we're all digging it. Chill and classy, just like us.



Alex said...

big-ups Gama-Go.

Markevnic72 said...

I am SO THERE. I can't wait, and how lucky am I that you're still right around the corner?? GAMA-YEAH!!!
wish you the best